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Discover the history of Auburn through the lens of its most iconic buildings. Andrew Roblee, a graduate student of Historic Preservation Planning at Cornell University, brings the past to life by identifying ten quintessentially Auburn properties. Beginning with the Seward House at 33 South Street, Roblee delves into the architectural history that has defined the distinctive character of Auburn.

Event will be held at Stage Right, APT

Admission: Members $5, General Public $10.  Reservations recommended. 

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"I found that at my age, and in my condition of health, 'rest is rust;' and nothing remained, to prevent rust, but to keep in motion." -W.H. Seward, Oct. 9, 1871

Drawing Room (stereo viewer)

"If people who cannot spare time from work, to play whist in the evening, would occasionally play that game or some other, they would find they could accomplish more work during the day."
—Seward, February 10, 1872


"There is a wide stoop at each side of which are grim looking griffins. I don't know which so puzzled was I to discern whether ear or horns adorned the creatures' heads." - Boston Post, June 18, 1863


“This is a must-see for History Buffs and in particular Civil War buffs.” – Frances F., Montvale, NJ

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"My students had such a wonderful time on our field trip! Thank you for such a fantastic experience for all of us. I look forward to bringing next year’s class already!" -Mrs. DeMaria, West Street School, Geneva, NY

House Front (BW)

"This place is so special for me. It made Seward come alive." Doris Kearns Goodwin

Drawing Room (Cole)

"Here, darling, is the best piano around. Hopefully it was help to improve your playing." - William H. Seward the 2nd to Janet Watson Seward 1872