Connecting Classrooms & History

Field-trip Visits

Admission is $4.00 for students. Teachers, chaperons, and bus drivers receive complimentary admission. School tours for November-December and May-June book quickly.

Please call our Director of Education at (315) 252-1283 or email to reserve a date.

Resource Kits

Seward House Museum has created Teacher Resource Kits. Filled with family biographies, vocabulary lists, pre and post-session materials, timelines and content correlations to the NYS Social Studies Framework and English Language Arts, these kits provide comprehensive preparation for your learning experience.

Connections to the NYS Framework for Social Studies and English Language Arts

Museum visits and resources are designed to strengthen key Social Studies Practices and enhance reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The below ELA resources also provide content connections between the museum’s history and ELA Modules, where possible. Please click below for more information.

Virtual Field-Trips

The Museum offers a variety of video-conferencing experiences to engage students with the home’s history and resources. For more information, please contact Director of Education, Jeff Ludwig, via or by calling (315) 252-1283.

Professional Development

The Museum offers customizable professional development experiences where educators work directly with the museum’s artifacts and primary sources to enhance their classroom curriculum. Topics include: politics of the Antebellum & Civil War Eras, Westward Expansion & Industrialization, Family Life in the 19th Century, Abolition to Emancipation, Structure & Function of U.S. Government, Women’s Rights, International Diplomatic Relations.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Museum is currently recruiting active and retired teachers to act as volunteer Docents. We offer a comprehensive training and orientation program to transition your classroom experience into a museum setting. Educators have the opportunity to develop curriculum and conduct tours for the approximately 3,000 school children that visit the museum annually. For more information, please contact Director of Education, Jeff Ludwig, via or by calling (315) 252-1283.