As beautiful as they were, those fallen autumn leaves have left a mess on the Seward House Museum grounds. Grab a rake and join us in the gardens for the last Garden Clean Up Day of 2017!

Fall is in the air on the Seward House Museum grounds! Join us for a crisp Garden Clean Up Day as we prepare the gardens for the changing of the seasons. Help install autumnal decorations as well as with weeding and trimming.

Not ready to say goodbye to summer yet? Join the Seward House Museum for its August Garden Clean Up and enjoy some productive outdoor fun in the sun while sculpting our beautiful gardens at the end of their summer glory!

Beat the heat during the dog days of summer in the shade of the Seward House Museum gardens. Then lend a hand with our mid-summer weeding and trimming - key tasks in keeping our grounds beautiful.

Help us keep our grounds and gardens sparkling! For the Seward House Museum's June Garden Clean Up Day we need all hands on deck to help us maintain our spring planting. Please help us weed and trim.

Gardeners, grab your trowels and shovels - it's planting season at the Seward House Museum! Please join us for Garden Clean Up Day to plant flowers, mulch, and trim.

All those April showers are making way for new flowers! Join us for Garden Clean Up Day to prepare the lush flower beds on the Museum grounds.