Stuck in the Middle with Seward: Abraham Lincoln, William Seward, & the Search for Middle Ground

Apr 12th 2017 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Left versus Right, Blue State versus Red State, liberal versus conservative, where does it end? In an age of deep partisan polarization, ideological rancor, and political fragmentation it can be easier to dwell on what divides rather than unites the American people. Yet, according to scholar David Brown, throughout its seemingly fractured history the United States has always relied upon a tradition of statesmen (and women) capable of bridging divides. As he will discuss, foremost among these architects of consensus were Abraham Lincoln and William Seward, who held the country together during its moment of deepest disunion.

Pulitzer-Prize-Nominated Historian David Brown will sign and discuss his new book, Moderates: The Vital Center  of American Politics from the Founding to Today.  Placing the legacies of Seward and Lincoln within a broader tradition of moderation, Brown explores the under appreciated history of political consensus-building in a country that all-too-often seems beset by deep partisan divide.

Admission: Members $10, General Public $15
Space is limited. Reservations recommended.